St John Boste Catholic Primary School


St John Boste Catholic Primary School was opened in 1974 to serve the Catholic community of St John Boste Parish. The compact school building stands in its own fairly extensive grounds which include a prayer garden, wildlife garden and adventure trail.

Our school has a reputation for offering children an excellent education in a stable and ordered environment. Every person in our school community is respected and valued as a unique individual. Visitors to our school frequently remark on the happy, family atmosphere that exists here.  In partnership with parents and the wider community, we aim to build upon and develop a wealth of experience and skills in the hope of creating a caring and stimulating environment and forming spiritually developed young people.

When the children leave St. John Boste School, we would want them to have experienced a quality education, which has broadened their horizons, and enabled them to achieve their God-given potential in all areas so that they may continue on their journey through life equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills and the insight that education is an enjoyable, life-long process.

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Ofsted Report Quotes

This is a good school where pupils achieve well. Pupils enjoy school and say that it is ‘homely and friendly’ and ‘a place where the teachers care and help us make progress’.

Achievement is good. Attainment is well-above average by the end of Year 6 and pupils make good progress from their starting points.

The quality of teaching is consistently good and pupils learn well in lessons. When pupils work independently, they do so with enthusiasm.

Pupils behave well and are caring, considerate and courteous. They are kept safe and parents and carers recognise this, saying such things as ‘My child feels safe in this warm, friendly environment.’

School Details

Ofsted Rating: Good
Date of Last Ofsted 23/02/2012

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